Toulouse-Blagnac Airport management team visits Hong Kong and Mainland China
at the invitation of Chinese shareholders
Strong faith in the airport’s future by witnessing the China’s advanced development

08 Nov 2017

Hong Kong – 8 November 2017 – The Toulouse–Blagnac Airport (“ATB”) management representatives, at the invitation of Casil Europe’s shareholders Shandong Hi-speed Group Co.,Ltd (“SDHS”) and Friedmann Pacific Asset Management Limited (“FPAM”), led two business delegations to visit the  SDHS headquarters in Jinan and  FPAM headquarters in Hong Kong during Oct 9-13 and Oct 19-25 respectively. Members  of the first group included Mr. Alain de la Mesliere, Chief Operations Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Ms. Christine Courade, Director of the Human Resources Department, Mr. Pierre-Jean Carol, Director of the Legal Department and Institutional Relations and Mr.   Bruno Balerdi, Director of the Non-Aeronautical Development Department, while that of the second group were Mr. Thierry Bonnevialle, Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Ms. Catherine Gay, Director of the Traffic Development Department and Mr. Denis Emeric, Director of the Technical & Studies Department. They were companied by Ms. Sophie Hennion, Senior Vice President from Casil Europe, Professor Victor Sit, Senior Advisor and Mr. Thomas Wong, Chief Operating Officer from FPAM.

During their stay in Hong Kong, the ATB team visited the Hong Kong international Airport (HKIA) Tower, the Integrated Airport Centre as well as the Airport’s Restricted Area organized by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA). Denis Emeric, Technical & Studies director of ATB said that he was very much attracted to the HKIA’s design for its neat and convenient style and could not stop taking photos. “The Three Runway project is very impressive. I’m currently working on ATB’s new terminal planning and constructions, the HKIA’s sophisticated system and its advanced technology have absolutely inspired me,” Emeric added. Bruno Balerdi, who is in charge of ATB’s marketing strategies mentioned that ATB had a series of expansion programs in the coming five years, one of which was to upgrade the duty-free shopping zone. “HKIA is an excellent model which demonstrated how to increase airport revenue by the combination of international top-tier brands and local featured products, while fully meeting customers’ demands,” said Balerdi.


An Introduction to the multi-function room in the Integrated Airport Centre by HKIA representative


After their Hong Kong visit, the ATB teams together with FPAM representatives left for Shandong Province to visit SDHS headquarters in the capital city Jinan, Qufu, the Confucianism cradle and the infrastructure project invested by SDHS in Qingdao. The ATB team received warm welcome from Mr. Wang Huabing, Deputy general manager of SDHS, Mr. Zeng Weibing, General manager of Shandong Hi-speed Investment Holding Co.,Ltd and Mr. Jin Guoxing, the Party secretary of Shandong Hi-speed(Shanghai)Investment Holding Co.,Ltd.  The SDHS management wished ATB team a rewarding trip there in China.


Wang Huabin, Deputy General Manager of SDHS (4th from left) exchanging souvenirs with ATB team


Zeng Weibing (3rd from left), General Manager of Shandong Hi-speed Investment Holding Co., Ltd, expressed his highly appreciation and approbation of all efforts and contributions made by airport staff in the past years.


ATB team, Prof.Sit (in the middle) and Jin Guoxing(2nd from right) on the bullet train from Jinan to Qingdao.


Catherine Gay from ATB’s Traffic Development Department expressed that it was her sixth time travel to China and yet every time she was still amazed by the profound historical and cultural significance of Chinese historic places. The trip to Qufu was especially impressive as it casted a new light on her view of Chinese traditional outlook on value as well as their life philosophy through the visit.


The ATB team visiting the three most famous cultural sites of Qufu city, collectively known as "The Three Confucian ", i.e. the Temple of Confucius, the Cemetery of Confucius, and the Kong Family Mansion.


Prof.Sit showing Bruno Balerdi the right way to eat Chinese well-known cuisine-The Peking duck.


Alain de la Mesliere, Chief Operations Officer and Member of the Executive Board in ATB mentioned that he was totally astonished by the modern development and the scientific and technological advancement in China today, hoping that expecting the infrastructures in France would develop to be as good as what was in China. “The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is a miracle! China has become a world-class player with its railway, highway and airport construction. It’s our pleasure to work with the Chinese shareholders. We have full confidence in the broad development prospects the vast potential of our cooperation. ” said Mesliere.

Professor Victor Sit, Senior Advisor of FPAM, highlighted in the farewell dinner that it was a remarkable interchange between the airport investors and the ATB team, through which an interactive connection was built between the senior teams via high level exchanges and friendly dialogues. It underpins our mutual understanding and partnership. “After three years of integration, ATB is now in good operation thanks to the team’s incredible efforts. We definitely share the common vision to further achieve more outcomes and boost a leap - forward development in the future,” Professor Sit concluded.


An introduction to the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge for Alain de la Mesliere, Christine Courade and Bruno Balerdi.

The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is a long roadway bridge in eastern China's Shandong province. Guinness World Records lists the bridge as the world's longest bridge over water (aggregate length) at 41.58 km.


During the visits, the ATB management representatives also visited the Victoria Harbor and the peak of Hong Kong, as well as the major attractions in Jinan and Qingdao.