Founded in 2000, Friedmann Pacific Asset Management Limited (“FPAM”) is a Hong Kong-based aviation ventures around the world. It aims to boost cross-border investment and strengthen ties between regional, national and global economies by adding value to the global aviation value chain.

Known as a first-mover in China’s aviation industry, FPAM has successfully grown in scope, reputation and geographic footprint in the global market. FPAM’s aviation value chain currently covers aircraft leasing, airport investment and aircraft recycling. It creates synergies by pooling resources, diverse experiences and expertise across the key aviation segments and drives sustainable growth for its business partners.




Founded China Aircraft Leasing Company Limited (“CALC”)

  • The first aircraft lessor in China and is currently the largest independent lessor in China with a global footprint

  • Listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange as the first listed aircraft lessor in Asia in 2014 (1848.HK)

  • The first lessor to provide disposal of old aircraft and leasing of new aircraft in China in 2013

  • Introduced and completed the first ever aircraft lease securitization in China in 2013

  • Named “Aircraft Lessor of the Year” in 2015 and 2016 by Global Transport Finance, the first Chinese lessor to have won such award


Founded China Airport Synergy Investment Limited (“CASIL”)

  • First in China to complete overseas airport acquisition

  • CASIL won the bid for the privatization of France Toulouse Airport (“ATB”) in December 2014; and completed the transaction in April 2015. ATB was the first airport privatization project in France

  • CASIL’s ATB acquisition won the “Deal of the Year” award at GAD 2015

  • FPAM teamed up with China Everbright Limited to acquire Tirana International Airport located at Albania's capital city in April 2016


Founded Aircraft Recycling International Limited (“ARI”)

  • Construction of the first and the largest aircraft recycling facility in China located in Harbin

  • Set to complete the last part of the aviation industry value chain in the country

  • ARI fully acquired Universal Asset Management, Inc. ("UAM") , one of the world’s leading global aviation services providers based in USA in March 2017